ssr evo407 drssr evo407 print

High performance UV system ssr evo 407 dr

The UV system ssr evo 407 print was specifically designed for the requirements of the graphical industry. The evo 407 print is used for curing of clear and protective lacquers such as curing of screen printing and other inks. The Selective Lambda Technology offers a very pure process radiation in the UV and UV-Vis spectral area and thus providing a curing process with minimal thermal stress. As a result, the effective UV dose can be increased up to 500%.

An homogeneity of ± 3% in the exposure area allows static imaging processes with hitherto unknown precision. The evo 407 print is ideal for the production of high-quality and sensitive products.

The consistent implementation of the compact design makes it the ideal UV system for integration in new and existing line equipment.




Technical data:

Dimensions: app. 200 x 575 x 160 mm³
Weight: app. 15 kg
Electric power: up to 9,000 W
Exposure area: app. 150 x 400 mm²
Cooling: Air / water combined
UV lamp specification: up to 225 W/cm
Useful life span: typically 1,000 up to 3,000 h

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