PSU 6 kWPSU 6 kW

Electronic fluorescent lamp ballast PSU 6 kW

The ssr PSU 6 kW power supply unit is a high frequency electronic power supply unit to ignite and operate medium pressure gas discharge lamps at an operation power up to 6000 watts, providing a dimming capability. The lamp driver is power controlled. The device has a double, single phase mains input (L1-L2-N). The mains input can be used as a single phase mains input. The power supply unit status is indicated by four LEDs.

Technical data:

Main supply: 1~190 - 300 V, PE, 36 A max.
Lamp voltage: max. 300 - 550 V
Lamp current: max. 20 A
Efficiency: typ. > 94%
Power level: 1 – 100 % stepless (minimal power depending on lamp type and cooling)
Control signal: 0-10 V analogue or PWM digital
Feedback: safety
Measures: appr. 400 x 250 x 160 mm³
Weight: appr. 13 kg

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