Optische Speicher CD / DVD / BDOptical Storage Media CD / DVD / BD

Optical Storage Media – CD / DVD / BD –

Optical storage media are mainly devided into two different categories, prerecorded and recordable/rewritable media. Depending on the storage density, three generations of optical storage media are known:

CD (Compact Disc) ca. 700 MB per layer, one layer
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) ca. 4,7 GB per layer, up to 4 layers
BD (Blu-Ray Disc) ca. 25 GB per layer, up to 4 layers

All of these formats are produced by means of uv technology. The requirements of the uv curing process is such diverse as the physical properties of the different formats:

  • CD: spin coating of protective lacquer, no optical requirements, 4 – 10 µm
  • DVD: Bonding of two half discs, specifies optical properties, 20 – 50 µm
  • BD: Optical cover layer, hardcoating, high optical requirements, 97 – 103 µm (total thickness)

The requirements to the uv process light are enourmous, due to the use of thermoplast plastics and the high optical precision of the formats.

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