IMD - Inmould DecorationIMD - In Mould Decoration

In Mould Decoration – IMD –

Producing high quality and physical-chemical resistant decorative plastic parts in large quantities is a great challenge. One process solution is IMD - in mould decoration. This technology uses a precoated, thermoplastic foil with a decorative printed backside. The final 3D-shape of the decorative surface is achieved by cupping.

The coating on the sensitive film is now polymerised by means of high intensive UV radiation to a glossy scratch resist surface. In terms of shape precision and fit into the cavity for injection moulding, heat is a knock-out criterion. To get a complete 3D plastic component the 3D shaped film material is moulded from the backside with thermoplastic material. The result is a high-quality plastic part with high-gloss, scratch-resistant surfaces such as those for automotive interior applications. Designs and shapes are virtually unlimited. Achieving best quality parts, the requirements for the UV-curing process are extremely high: highest UV dosage as well as lowest heat load.

ssr engineering provides a uv-system technology meeting these process requirements. Especially the curing result at the flanks and the vertical edges of the 3D parts is significantly improved by use of ssr evo 7 series uv systems.