ssr evoUC - Seriessr evoUC series

ssr evo UC - series

A sophisticated UV-system for economic thinking customers. Stcking to our ssr performance and quality standard developed and produced, these unique compact and high performing systems are addressed to printing machine manufacturers.

Our development targets in details:

  1. cutting investment costs of UV-equipment
  2. outstanding product quality
  3. high efficiency / reduced energy consumption
  4. low operational costs
  5. high uptime
  6. compact design

Product features of our new ssr evo UV-series:

  •   high UV intensity at low thermal load to substrates
  • up to 400 W/cm elactrical power
  • new ssr SLP 80 electronical lamp ballast
  • ssr "SLT" and "lamp X"
  • closed loop air cooling system

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Technical data:

Measures [WxHxL]: 95 x 130 x AL+183 mm³ (AL = arc length)
Standard AL: 150; 200; 300; 400; 500; 600 mm
Cooling: combined air- & water cooling
Shutter: mechanical, pneumatic driven
Reflectors: ssr SLT-reflectors
Lamp service: lamp drawer system

System features ssr evo UC-series